We are in need of men’s, women’s and especially gender-neutral quilts for adults ages 18-110! Quilts should be 45/50”x 60/65” in order to fit nicely on a hospital bed without interfering with hospital equipment or touching a dirty floor

    • Come to our meetings and quilt with us! There are always tasks for the non-quilters to do at the meetings, such as, ironing, pinning & cutting
    • If you cannot come to our sessions to quilt, you can donate quilts you make at home
    • If you have a fabric stash, consider donating it
    • If you have a fabric stash, consider using it to create and donate quilts
    • If you don’t quilt, you can donate money for purchase of fabric and supplies
    • If you don’t quilt, you can sponsor a quilt with a donation
    • You can send a donation in honor of someone you love fighting leukemia, or any other hardship
    • You may request a quilt kit *please see Donate Page for more information on requesting a quilt kit!