Why do we make quilts for Leukemia Patients? Read our Founder’s Story:

At age 39, I was diagnosed with AML and was admitted into the hospital for inpatient chemotherapy, where I remained for 32 days. Additional rounds of treatment kept me in and out of the hospital for the next five months. As a wife and mother of three, it was very difficult to be away from my family for so long. My mother would decorate my room with colorful items each month so it would be less scary for my children when they visited.

I decided to try something new in my recovery and that was to learn how to quilt. I took two classes and declared that I was going to make 40 quilts in celebration of my 40th birthday to donate to other leukemia patients at Robert Wood University Hospital in New Brunswick, NJ. With the help of friends and the community we exceeded my goal and donated 60 quilts that year! The day of delivery I was told my leukemia was back and that I needed a bone marrow transplant.

After the transplant we resumed our quilting efforts. Yet another relapse followed and nearly took my life. This made me more determined than ever to create a legacy for my children to be proud of and Quilts for Comfort was therefore incorporated into a NJ Non-Profit corporation on 12/29/2012. My wish is to continue providing these quilts and inspiring hope one stitch at a time.

With Love ,
Susan Tonry